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Protecting the Environment

Environmental Stewardship in a Free Society

Learn Liberty On Demand offers you a series of videos on new and exciting topics in the world of policy and ideas that you can watch any time, anywhere, on your schedule. Have you ever wondered how, or even if, the market can effectively protect the environment? Well, this is the place for you.

Saving a species from extinction is a daunting and important task. On many occasions, legislation designed to protect endangered species can be both inefficient and ineffective. Protecting the environment has the same problems – no matter how well-intentioned environmental protection laws are, unintended consequences often make bad situations worse, exacerbating pollution and environmental waste. Can we better serve endangered species with a free market approach to preservation? How can we use entrepreneurship, common law, and economics to save the planet? Explore these important questions in this On Demand program, and discover how we can become good stewards of our planet.

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