To celebrate the end of the year, we’re counting down the top 10 most watched Learn Liberty videos of 2015. Markets, immigration, bailouts, vaping, urinals, the death penalty — we covered it all in 2015. Check out our new top 10 compilation video and re-watch some of your favorite Learn Liberty videos of the year. 

10: What is “Libertarian”

Dr. Nigel Ashford explains the intellectual traditions behind libertarianism.

9: Should You Be Allowed to Sell Your Kidney

Georgetown Professor Peter Jaworski explores whether people should be allowed to buy and sell kidneys.

8: The Greece Bailout in 90 Seconds

George Mason Professor Garret Jones explains the Greek financial crisis in only 90 seconds.

7: Should We Let Them All In? How Immigration Helps the Economy

Texas Tech Professor Benjamin Powell explains how open immigration would add trillions of dollars to the global economy.

6: Freedom of Speech: How Is Offensive Speech Good for Society?

Chapman University Professor Tom W. Bell discusses the importance of free speech.

5: Sophia’s Story: One Family’s Fight for a Happily Ever After

This mini-documentary showcases the story of Sophia, who suffers from “uncontrolled” epilepsy, and her fight to take Cannabidiol (CBD) to treat her condition.

4: Spider in the Urinal

New York University Professor Thomas Nagel explains the downsides of government intervention through the philosophical thought experiment of a spider in a urinal.

3: An Unhealthy Alliance: Tobacco Companies and Anti-Smoking

Bridgewater State University Professor Aeon J. Skoble explains the alliance between tobacco companies and anti-smoking advocates against vaping.

2: I Can’t Breathe: How to Reduce Police Brutality

George Mason University Professor Ilya Somin argues that the best way to reduce police brutality is to reduce the number of laws that require police intervention.

1: Death Penalty: Justice, or Just Too Far

Georgetown University Professor Jason Brennan explains why the death penalty should be abolished.