Free expression is under attack on college campuses. Last month, there was an uproar over – of all things – Halloween costumes at Yale. Now, it’s a war on yoga. The University of Ottawa recently decided to ban a free yoga class because of worries over “cultural appropriation” – the PC term du jour referencing Western use of originally foreign practices.
In the video below, Professor Greg Lukianoff explains how the chilling of free expression on college campuses has led to prominent comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock no longer performing there because the students are so uptight. He highlights the irony of how college campuses claim to be enlightened when it comes to sexual issues while at the same time clamping down on sexual expression.
If Yoga becomes off limits, what’s next? Professors being ridiculed for wearing a Scottish tartan-plaid jacket? Students being screamed at for eating Chipotle? The varsity hockey team being confronted by a mob of syrup-eating Canadians? Given the current climate on campuses, anything is possible.