Since 2011, Learn Liberty has been committed to tackling big questions about what makes a society free and how to improve the world we live in. In just five years, we’ve partnered with over 150 professors and other intellectuals to help explore these ideas.

Today, we’re announcing a new partnership between Learn Liberty and the wickedly talented David Rubin of The Rubin Report!

The Rubin Report is a fan-funded talk show headed comedian and liberty-friendly Youtuber, David Rubin. Dave is devoted to “big ideas and free speech” – needless to say, a great match for Learn Liberty! The Rubin Report has previously nabbed speakers including comedian Stephen Fry, presidential candidate Gary Johnson, and moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt.

What does this mean for you? The Rubin Report will be releasing a new interview each month with top tier thinkers on topics related to liberty. Up first is constitutional law professor Randy Barnett, followed by historian Stephen Davies, and education and free speech expert Joanna Williams. We’ll be releasing our favorite highlights from each interview on the Learn Liberty YouTube channel.

We believe this is a huge step toward providing you with the best thought-provoking and liberty-oriented content.

Check out the trailer for our collaboration above head over to YouTube to subscribe to the Rubin Report.