Summer’s just around the corner, which means the job search is on for all of you looking for summer jobs or internships, or entering the workforce for the first time after college.
Want to make yourself stand out from the pack? Jeffrey Tucker’s recent article for the Foundation for Economic Education gives eight great tips to excel in interviews.
Here’s a sample:

Do ask questions. It should be obvious that any prospective employee has questions about the job. Ask them! It’s surprising how few people actually do this. Maybe they fear that asking questions would signal some doubts about the whether you want the job. Actually, the opposite it true. It suggests that you are a careful shopper of employers. You are looking for a good fit. It’s irresponsible to accept a job that is not right for you. You want to make sure. That’s a good thing. It impresses any prospective employer that you are asking for more detail on the work environment, the expectations, the lines of communication, the office hours, and so on.“]
From common mistakes to easy ways to impress, the article is definitely worth a read.
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