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Those who care about the ideas of liberty represented by the Gadsden flag must resist its co-option by forces that are completely at odds with what it stands for. The truth about its classical liberal origins must prevail.
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The Gadsden flag: a historic symbol rooted in classical liberalism

The Gadsden flag, with its famous depiction of a defensive timber rattlesnake and the motto “Don’t tread on me,” has commonly been associated with the liberty movement, the values of individual freedom, and opposition to coercion. However, much confusion has emerged surrounding the Gadsden flag’s meaning and significance, particularly in recent years. Over time, a variety of groups have attempted to appropriate the symbol as a representation of their cause, even if this cause is completely contrary to the ideas and values the Gadsden flag has been traditionally understood to represent. The


What to expect at LibertyCon International 2022

This October, LibertyCon International will be back on the calendar for the first time since 2019!  Students For Liberty invites all

It’s time for a broader discussion about why national divorce is not a pro-liberty solution. Fundamentally, for any change in the structure of government to be pro-liberty, it must move us towards more individual liberty, not away.
Civil Liberties

National divorce is not a pro-liberty solution

Fear is the stalwart and eternal ally of tyranny, and sowing division is the surest way to make people afraid.  Today, many Americans aren’t

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