Another election year, another debate over the future America’s health care system.
Though some of us may have thought we put this debate behind us with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, it has reared its ugly head again. For good reason. Health care costs in America are ballooning much faster than inflation, and government mandates – in a misguided effort to solve the problem – are doing more harm than good. A recent poll conducted by National Public Radio found that just 15 percent of Americans think they’ve personally benefited from the Affordable Care Act, while another 26 percent say they were actually hurt by the health care law. The majority of those polled said their healthcare costs were getting harder to manage.
So what’s the answer? Learn Liberty’s On Demand program, “America’s Health Care System: How We Got Into This Mess and How We Can Get Out” will cut through the politics of this issue to get at the heart of what’s driving the country’s continued broken healthcare system. Led by Drs. John Ammon and Jeffrey Singer as well as Professor Robert Graboyes, you’ll learn what has caused the current problems in the healthcare system and solutions to fix them.
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For a primer on the program, watch the video below with Professor Graboyes. “Healthcare,” says Prof. Grayboyes, “should be as dynamic as IT has been in our lifetime.” Hopefully this perspective makes it into the election year health care debate.