If you’re a fan of Learn Liberty, you’re already used to asking tough questions about the world we live in and pondering the foundations of free markets and free societies. But did you know you could learn even more over the summer, straight from some of the same professors from Learn Liberty videos?
Independent Institute’s Challenge of Liberty Seminars
Challenge of Liberty Seminars will take you to California or Colorado to learn straight from the experts. Speakers include faculty from Learn Liberty videos, including Professors Tom Bell, Art Carden, and Steven Horwitz.
The deadline to apply for the 2016 Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminars has been extended to May 16th! Check out the video below for more on the seminars, then submit your application to claim a tuition scholarship.

IHS Summer Seminars
The Institute for Humane Studies, which runs Learn Liberty, also hosts Summer Seminars, covering both broad introductions to the foundations of freedom and deeper dives into more advanced topics. While it’s too late to apply for a 2016 IHS Summer Seminar, you can learn more about seminars in 2017 by emailing [email protected].