LibertyCon Europe, the continent’s largest annual pro-liberty gathering, is coming to Lisbon, Portugal, on April 22 – 23, 2023!

Over 700 attendees and more than 30 pro-liberty organizations from across Europe and beyond will gather in the Portuguese capital for this event that is highly anticipated following the success of LibertyCon Europe 2022 in Prague, Czechia. 

As always, LibertyCon Europe aims to educate and engage students, alumni, and partners around the most important issues of liberty today. For 2023, we will particularly focus on ideas and principles around free markets, an open society, new technologies, and the role these can play in turning the dream of a freer future into reality.

LibertyCon Europe 2022 in Prague, Czechia

On the opening day, April 22, LibertyCon Europe will take place at the Convento do Beato, where our programming will feature keynote sessions (talks, panel discussions, debates) and a number of breakout sessions. 

Furthermore, our Liberty Fair will feature exhibitions from partner organizations and present an opportunity for liberty-minded students and young people to network and become acquainted with various pro-liberty organizations from across the globe.

Liberty Fair provides an excellent opportunity for networking

Our festival will be held on April 23 at Suspenso Lisboa. This part of LibertyCon Europe will feature film screenings, exhibitions, and open discussions. 

Later on, our evening programming will include live music, games, and other entertainment.  Attendees can use this time to meet other friends of liberty, discuss ideas, and build relationships.

Day 2 of LibertyCon Europe last year

Moreover, Lisbon is an ideal host city for LibertyCon Europe 2023. It is warm and sunny for much of the year.

From the winding streets of the characterful Alfama neighborhood to the towering Jerónimos Monastery and the impressive Sao Jorge Castle, there is no shortage of historical and cultural landmarks to visit. In addition, Lisbon is known for its vibrant nightlife, with a wide range of bars, clubs, and restaurants that stay open late into the night.

Lisbon is also a good venue due to its accessibility. The city’s Humberto Delgado Airport is well connected to major cities in Europe and beyond. Lisbon is also easy to navigate, with a reliable public transportation system that includes buses, trams, and subways.

Tickets are selling fast and will be limited when the venue reaches capacity. If you’d like to attend LibertyCon Europe 2023, be sure to click on the button below to register, using the discount code: 50%DISCOUNT 

We hope to see you in Lisbon!

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