The issue of free speech has exploded on college campuses in recent weeks, with students and faculty at numerous schools nationwide calling for restrictions of free expression in the name of tolerance, and calling for conformity in the name of diversity.

In the video below, Towson University professor Howard Baetjer tries to confront college students about the importance of free speech by asking them to take a “Free Speech Challenge,” where he asks them to tell their most controversial opinion. While Professor Baetjer succeeds in getting students to take his challenge, he fails in getting them to say anything controversial. (Participants only offer mainstream, politically correct bromides that wouldn’t ruffle feathers among even the most sensitive of college audiences.)

However, Baetjer does succeed in getting some students to give support for hearing dissenting opinions. As one participant says, to hear opposing viewpoints “furthers the knowledge from different spectrums for people to be… more aware of issues that don’t pertain to [them] necessarily but issues surrounding the nation as a whole.”

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