Are you…

  • …considering a career in ideas in order to make an impact on society?
  • …looking to grow intellectually and wrestle with new perspectives as you move toward a full-time career?
  • ….wanting to network with like-minded individuals who are equally excited about the big questions as you are?

If so, you might want to consider attending the 2016 Public Choice Outreach Conference, from June 10-12th in Arlington, VA. Hosted by the Center for the Study of Public Choice at George Mason University, this is one of the best, most comprehensive crash courses in public choice theory (think politics without romance!) through a lecture-style format.
If you’re interested in going into journalism, law, academia, public policy, or even business, this conference can:

  • introduce you to the history and basic tools of public choice analysis, including models of voting and elections, as well as models of government and legislative,
  • show you to apply public choice theory to a wide range of relevant issues,
  • help you discover “constitutional economics” and the economics of rule-making.”

(Oh, and did we mention? There are no fees, room and board are FREE, and some travel stipends are available.)
If you’re a graduate student or advanced undergraduate student, you’re eligible to apply.  You can get the full details and application information heremake sure you submit all of your materials by April 29th!
We hope this is a valuable resource to you as you look for ways to advance intellectually and professionally!