If you’re a fan of Learn Liberty, you’re probably interested in learning more about libertarian ideas and discovering the libertarian perspective on topics like history, economics and philosophy. But did you know you can learn more and discuss and debate those ideas with other students and Learn Liberty professors?
IHS Summer Seminars are week-long summer programs that will engage your mind and inspire you like no other college experience. Over the course of the seminar, you’ll build critical thinking skills, gain access to a great interdisciplinary network, and discover potential career possibilities, all while learning about the ideas that helped bring about global prosperity, greater human equality before the law, religious tolerance and freedom, women’s suffrage, and more.
Best of all, Summer Seminars are completely free to attend. IHS covers tuition, housing, meals, and books. All you have to do is get yourself to and from the seminar.
Check out what some Summer Seminar alumni had to say about the Summer Seminar experience:

You can learn more about Summer Seminars and apply here. The deadline to apply is April 1, 2016.