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Do not let fear of being different or the assumption of ‘cancel culture’ define you or your college experience. You are entitled as much as anyone one else to express your view in a courteous and intelligent way; let the chips fall where they may.

Speak up! Overcoming the anxiety of free speech on campus

I attend American University (AU) in Washington D.C. AU is a fine school with a world-class teaching staff and bright young students hungry for knowledge.  Every new student is required to take a class that focuses on issues of race, gender, and structures of power. Some might instinctively cringe at the very thought of even taking this class, but I genuinely found it interesting.  As a class we navigated highly contentious social topics with discussion and sometimes tense, but civil, debate. I never felt for a moment that I could not freely speak my mind, share an opinion, or ask

Neoliberalism and libertarianism share many common principles despite meaning different things to different people. But what is neoliberalism in reality — and how does it relate to classical liberalism and libertarianism?
Free Markets and Capitalism

Neoliberalism and libertarianism

Anyone remotely interested in politics will have heard the term “neoliberal” being used at some point. It is often weaponized by detractors in an attempt

Those who care about the ideas of liberty represented by the Gadsden flag must resist its co-option by forces that are completely at odds with what it stands for. The truth about its classical liberal origins must prevail.
Civil Liberties

The Gadsden flag: a historic symbol rooted in classical liberalism

The Gadsden flag, with its famous depiction of a defensive timber rattlesnake and the motto “Don’t tread on me,” has commonly been associated with

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