What’s Next in the Battle over NSA Surveillance?

Edward Snowden’s leaks of National Security Agency (NSA) methods has sparked a national debate about the legality of such surveillance. This program, led by a constitutional law professor, joined by national security experts from across the political spectrum, will focus on the legality of surveillance. The program will explore the meaning of individual privacy, its relationship to individual freedom, and the constitutional and statutory limits on surveillance undertaken for national security purposes. It will also explore possible means of changing the current regime, including modifications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and its special court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).


  1. Grady Flanagan

    So where is the line drawn. Your thoughts are private property. They are protected. However, if you speak your mind, have you lsot your right to have a private conversation with someone?

  2. andrei.roibu

    Freedom vs Security: it is up to civil society to fight for freedom, and up to government to offer security. Now, this is a very fragile balance, and the US finds itself in a moment when it has to decide which is better suited for its needs: Shall is become "The Land of the Safe" or shall it stay "The Land of the Free" ? 

  3. taschrant

    What if the Founders could see what their experiment turn into?  I know America is still one of the greatest nations human civilization has ever produced, but sometimes I wonder: Are we the next Rome?

  4. Anonymous

    Unless we maintain ourselves as “The Land of the Free” we will never be “The Land of the Safe”! Only in freedom can we be safe.

  5. Anonymous

    When you say “no right to privacy” what you are referring to is that the government is not currently acknowledging such a right. As important is that it has not specifically declared that such a right does not exist.
    What we need to do is assert its existence and codify it in legal precedent.

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