Net Neutrality: How the FCC Could Kill Call of Duty

Can the FCC slow down your internet connection to make the internet equal for everyone? Could this potentially slow down your online gaming or video streaming?

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Spencer Ingram More than 1 year ago
Blame it on the lag shall now become blame it on the FCC.
David Phillips More than 1 year ago
( That last sign should have been "="  )
David Phillips More than 1 year ago
something that works + government regulation from the 1930s + something that, at best, works less well.
Brian Hall More than 1 year ago
Which telcos paid for this stupid video?
Michal Kennedy More than 1 year ago
Did your Marxist professor fill that empty skull with those stupid ideas? Quit attempting to enslave the people who sell you your services, fool.
Prashant Chauhan More than 1 year ago
Something to ponder upon
Kevin Burctoolla More than 1 year ago
like this video
Prashant Chauhan More than 1 year ago
Good to see.
glenn More than 1 year ago
Is there anything the government does not mess up?