Money in Politics

People worry whenever money and politics mix – but should they? Common wisdom suggests that large campaign contributions can corrupt politicians and disenfranchise regular voters. If this is true, then regulations that limit the role of money in politics should lead to better governance. However, this hasn’t been the case.

Professor Bradley Smith explains why attempts to separate money from politics have failed. As regulations surrounding political contributions have expanded, the edge that incumbent politicians enjoy over challengers has intensified. The real result of these regulations, Prof. Smith argues, is that politics has become “a specialized game for an elite group of people who know the ropes and can manipulate them to their advantage.”

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  1. Matt Wavle

    "if we just regulated more, maybe we could get rid of corrupt politicians"  When will we ever learn?  The answer is:  Freedom of Speech.

  2. Chocolate Thunder

    I guess I don’t know how things were before 1970. Is there reason to believe that elections were significantly fairer?

  3. Ryan Boyd

    Should be simple: basic liberties for all. If it doesn’t go against that then you can prosecute.

  4. cmjohnson732

    I never realized this before but the regulations and unseen costs that stem from the regulations would make it hard on anyone who was inexperienced or young to try to run. The regulations also probably contribute to the seemingly racial inequality in the political spectrum.

  5. KaizerKrauser

    Indeed.  We need to make political participation more easy.  We have now an elitist system that make it really hard for someone to even try to go into politics if he/she doesnt have the "right" connections. 

  6. Del Beach

    It is stunning just how far the “leaders” of the land have helped me to understand how backwards we are at this point in our country’s history. The onslaught of regulations is just another aspect of how not to get anything done so incumbents can get re-elected to “fix it” which of course never happens.

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