Minimum Wage Is A Cruel Policy For Poor People

The minimum wage is often cast as a humanitarian cause… but it’s not: it harms the very people its supporters are fighting for. Professor Don Boudreaux explains the original reason the minimum wage was established, and its impact then and now.

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8 months ago at 6:35 PM

I never supported a minimum wage but I didn’t know this was the origin. Thanks for the insight.

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10 months ago at 11:02 AM

Professor Boudreaux- I just want to say “thank you” to you for your wonderful insight into economics. You, (along with all the other contributors- specifically Antony Davies), the Mercatus Center, and (Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok are awesome too!) have changed the way I view the world. You guys are my Milton Friedman, my FA Hayek. Yes, I have read their work and watched their interviews…but your current, up to date, continuation of their ideas is much apprecicated. Please continue!!

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