How to Sabotage Progress

During the earliest part of the industrial revolution, workers who were upset about losing their jobs to advanced machinery would throw their shoes into the machines in order to sabotage production. We’re seeing recurrence of  sabotage again today, but there’s no more successful saboteur than regulation. Duke University Professor Michael C. Munger explains.

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11 months ago at 12:10 AM

Over the last few months, I have been transitioning my work commute to Uber. Uber is offering me an incentive that decreases my daily, round trip, work commute by $1.00 vs. me using public transportation. When taking into account my work hours being outside of rush hour and the tranquility of someone willfully picking me up and dropping me off door to door, I am test driving the luxurious future that innovation can offer us. Professor Munger, thank you so very much for providing me with this free lecture. It is worth a fortune!

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