How to Rig a Majority Vote

Do you think that a majority vote is always the fairest way to reach a consensus? Think again! In this Learn Liberty video, Professor Diana Thomas illustrates a paradoxical outcome that arises when people vote on three or more items – known as Condorcet’s Paradox – and proves that it is quite easy to manipulate the voting process in this scenario.

Condorcet’s paradox occurs when a vote is taken on a set of three options that nobody ranks in the same order. Even though a vote of two of the options may yield a consistent winner, it’s impossible to achieve a consistent outcome between all three choices. Usually, a majority vote is taken on only two options, so whoever gets to choose which two options are on the table (known as the agenda setter) has the power to dictate the winner of the vote.

Peter Lounsbury 11 months ago
The media is the Agenda Setter. They are Constitutionally protected without caveat, however they have a tremendous amount of political clout without the same kind of accountability a person has when he or she acts. People can be jailed, fined and coerced into behaving in a way that is acceptable to society, but the media is limited only by their corporate sponsors who speak with money, and the dedication to the journalistic they exhibit by putting personal feelings aside and remaining objective.

The media can't be made to conduct themselves with principles and integrity, but with the rise alternative media choices they can and is being exposed when they act unprofessionally. Personally, I believe that if they have access to our markets and airwaves, they should be given warning labels about partisan activities and a threshold should be set for them to label their business as "news". Free to say and do as please, but made to live up to the standards of journalistic integrity if they want to be given the prestige of using labels that infer a sense of authority. If not they can call themselves anything they want. just not news. News should be a label akin to how we label others like the police, a doctor or any other profession in which what you claim to be and what you in fact are and do are "professional" labels that illicit public trust.
Vinay D Cardwell More than 1 year ago
So I need to be the Agenda Setter. Great tip!