Free Speech, Even for Richard Spencer

Should alt-right leader Richard Spencer have the right to speak without getting punched?  Danish journalist Flemming Rose says toleration demands it.

Read Flemming Rose’s op-ed (with Joseph Mchangama) on fake news and free speech


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3 months ago at 2:52 AM

Cheers to a very open discussion about a sensitive subject matter! It is challenging and exciting to watch but is a fascinating presentation of a truth about freedom. It makes me want to join in on the discussion.

The film Birth of a Nation was free speech that many scientists believe was a participating catalyst in the wave of violence that African Americans began to experience in the early 1900s. I would like to take the discussion further and ask if freedom of speech plays a role in occurrences such as the Holocaust in Europe and the murders and lynchings of African Americans in the US, and if so, how much? As a racial minority, I fear such violence and the discrimination that can both pre and proceed such occurrences. However, I am also a firm believer in democracy, so I ask, how did the history of democracy protect the victims, and was it supposed to protect them?

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