Foreign Policy, Ep. 5: What is the Military Industrial Complex?

When government and private military contractors get too close, “People are shipped off to fight and die without making our nation any safer”.

Unfortunately as a result of the Military Industrial Complex in the U.S. not all acts of war actually end up making our nation any safer. When govt and private military contractors get too close, the citizens of America (and the rest of the world) suffer. Professor Chris Coyne explains.


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1 year ago at 11:25 AM

There was a 6th one that I see is on YouTube? Why is it not here on LearnLiberty. I’d rather watch it here for two main reasons: 1) I love LearnLiberty. 2) I can get points towards SWAG here by watching. Just wondering. It’s entitled, “Free Market and the Military”. Thanks for any info.

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1 year ago at 2:43 PM

This makes a lot more sense. I’ve heard the phrase Military Industrial Complex thrown around a lot, but I never fully understood what it entailed.

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1 year ago at 1:01 PM

Coyne is awesome! I am glad to see a video from you again! It’s been a while!

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