Foreign Policy, Ep.4: The Boomerang Effect

When soldiers return to  serve as police officers, they bring a strong set of skills with them, but can also bring home a battlefield.

Government policies and actions which are initially focused outside the US, have a tendency to come back around and significantly impact domestic governments back home. One major example of this effect is how foreign interventions allow for the centralization of government decision making and power. Prof Abby Hall Blanco from the University of Tampa explains

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3 months ago at 11:37 AM

When you where referring to Greece I was thinking ancient not current day so yes I agree in fact I see California and and a few other states Illinois comes to mind as being at the point of being at point now.

Thank you for the chat was great fun

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3 months ago at 10:58 AM

Good question regarding who renews the private police force. And yes, I agree that it could be corruptible. I just look at what we have now, where they are just another arm of the gov’t and think it is largely becoming more militarized because they benefit from and are allied with other gov’t forces. By implementing some kind of disconnection and making them fireable–not just the guy at the top–my hope is that we’d have a police force that is more accountable, which gets back to your question about who renews them.

I agree with your comparison to the Roman empire. But with Greece, they are economically under water because of their high taxes and welfare programs. They can no longer keep their payment promises for their ponzi schemes. Between SS, Medicare (particularly), Medicaid and now Obamacare, those programs are all under water now and we’ll be there in perhaps 20 years. At that point… Raise taxes further and people will be pissed. Decrease benefits and people will be pissed. Just print the $$$ and the inflation will piss everyone off. There’s no other option. That’s Greece. And we’ll be there in our lifetimes. And so will Spain, Italy, Portugal and likely others.

As soon as the world quits using dollars for the world’s reserve currency, we’ll be a 2nd world country. That’s the only thing holding the dollar up as high as it is. Artificially inflated demand. Suddenly the supply will dramatically outpace demand and people will no longer want dollars, so they’ll buy US stuff to get rid of them, which will dump a ton of dollars here, but a lot of stuff owned by foreigners. Then, the chickens will come home to roost with all those dollars the FED printed and sent overseas. When the dollar goes, there will be a depression worldwide. But because they jumped off the dollar, they’ll get the earlier start on recovery.

I agree with your earlier post that gold backed currency is clearly better. The Fed tap dances around all of their $$$ printing. But when people no longer want or believe in the value of dollars, the whole financial system collapses and we’ll be using dollars as packing material. In short, something else will take their place. Maybe bitcoin or something like that.

Anyhow… We got way off track here. It will be funny for others to see our descent from a debate about hiring military types as police to the fate of the US dollar. lol Time to move on to other things and let the commenters talk about the video again. Good talkin’ to ya. 🙂

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3 months ago at 4:32 PM

Private police I think would lead to even more abuse but with the renewal clause in their contract it would in my mind be who decides on the renewal?

I agree with the what you have said here over all. I am 53 and by the end of 18 will be living in South America.

I hope that with Trump in office this country survives and yes his election is a step in the right direction but as we see with all the in fighting, the paranoia, the self destructive psychos in DC. we see that the psychopaths are now out in the open, that this country is run by and controlled by such people is clear to the world and the world is laughing and still the people look to them as saviors?
I think that the people will not act until something catastrophic happens, a coup to take back America from those that seek to subvert it would have to be started by either the military or a foreign power like China and Russia combining to stand up to the Amerikan empire? (who as we see are trying to start a war now with Russia and therefore China if you think these sanctions and the attempts at war is not an attempt to shut down the new oil market you have not been watching for the last forever!
In that time of weakness of the state some may take action to overthrow most still will not they are without self worth or honor, sheeple lead to the slaughter.
In the end I think Trumps presidency will be looked back on as a delay, a what could have been, because after his 8 years (I hope 8) the country will go right back on the self destructive course it has been on for sometime.
As a footnote the comparison of America and the road it is on has been compared to the Roman empire and the fall of it but Greece that is interesting how so?

I also agree that having the only standard for the $ is as the petrol dollar is a mistake it never should have been taken off the gold standard that was a grave mistake that will cost America soon now with Russia and China creating their own oil market using the Yuan two country’s that the US cannot over throw or scare like they did Omar Cadafe in Libya who was killed for trying to do that same thing.
I do not think we will see out of control inflation when the dollar crashes, I think the economy will crash overnight and America will fall for a 1st world country to 2nd world. much like Germany did at the end of WWI settled with debt completely bankrupt for years to come.

The original or oldest use of the word terrorism was in the oxford dictionary in 1795 the definition was government by force. I think all governments are bad that they will no matter how good of intentions end up corrupt and a tyrannical force against it’s people.

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3 months ago at 3:39 PM

I’m not an anarcho-libertarian, but more and more I see how private police forces would be an improvement over the government monopoly “protection” bodies we have today. A private force that came up for contract renewal periodically could be fired and replaced, unlike the craziness path we’re going down now. It’s truly sad that “to protect and serve” police forces used to exist in the US about 50 years ago, compared to what we have now.

I kinda agree that “most people don’t trust government”. But it’s weird because people say that, but then they don’t seem to care enough to do anything about it. They just keep voting in the R’s and D’s, while at the same time admitting that they don’t really trust who they voted for, but it’s the lesser of the evils. I’ll give the Trump voters credit for wanting a non-political figure and I think that’s a step in the right direction on principle. (I voted for Gary Johnson and would do so again today.)

What is it going to take to wake up US voters to REALLY get angry and object to the crap we get from our elected officials? I hope I”m wrong, but I think we’re going to turn into Greece in the next 20 years and when old people (like me–I’m 56) are getting enough Social Security to fill up your gas tank a couple times a month and everybody coming after–who is still paying their 6.25% (ignorant of the fact that they’re also paying their employer’s 6.25%), but they know they aren’t going to get squat when it’s their turn, that’s when hit’s going to hit home for people. Right now, the US$ is the world’s reserve currency. But a handful of countries have jumped off that boat. At some point, the rest of the world will too. And when they do, there will be crazy inflation once foreigners start buying up everything the US to get rid of their US$s. That will be the fast and cataclysmic end to the US$.

It will be interesting to see what happens after that. You’d hope that people will wise up about government and fiat currency then. But hard to know. In any case, the world is moving in our direction. To sum it up, our team eventually wins. It won’t be in my lifetime. But even ignorant and misinformed people want to be free. When everything falls apart, that will be a real educator for those who remain on what freedom is and what it means.

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3 months ago at 2:47 PM

The lady in Minneapolis, yes, the bride from Australia and then the Islamic Major forced the police chief to resign because she was speaking out saying the police failed. I think she wanted to have the Somali cop arrested, charged and that led to the Major forcing her to resign?
Here is another example of what I have been saying, talking about the direction that those in government city, state, federal takes when this stuff happens is to deny, accuse, deflect, protect, etc. They let the bad cop off it spreads fear among the people and brings conformity giving them more power to control the people through fear (terrorism) a win win for government and corruption, the cost of a few lives here and there to control the masses is just good business, it is acceptable.
If I said “no one” I was wrong I meant most people to do not trust police as most people do not trust government! I know I do not trust the government on any level and do not trust the legal system it is an unjustice system, corrupt and in the system there is no such thing as defense council and rights are for sale, not guaranteed, as or cops I go on an individual bases have had good cops and bad ones.

Dying societies accumulates laws like a dying man collects remedies – Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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3 months ago at 2:22 PM

I completely agree that having police using military tactics is WAY screwed up. And that police are barely accountable if at all is a huge problem indeed. I think we’re fortunate that we haven’t elected a president who is a genuine dictatorial type, considering the NDAA section 1021 provision passed a few years ago where the president can now order US citizens executed without due process. Who knows what could happen with the next populist president?

What’s interesting for me is that I live in a moderately rural area about 40 minutes from Chicago. From here, I see the political corruption (I was twice elected to go to the state Republican convention in 2010 and 2012, although I really don’t buy into political parties, but it was an avenue available to me and I witnessed some bizarre crap), but as far as police go, I don’t personally see the crazy stuff that gets on TV. I drive too fast sometimes and have had several interactions with police and while I’ve never done anything to provoke them (I know some liberty minded people who have pulled out their Constitution and recited from the bill of rights to them), I’ve never seen police behave in a military manner with me.

Although last week, we did have a woman about 20 minutes from me call 911 and get shot and killed by police for the crime of approaching the police car that she herself called.

Anyway, the point of bringing all this up is that my perception is that most of the military police behavior occurs in urban areas, although it’s just starting to trickle down to others. To say that “nobody trusts the police anymore” isn’t quite true, because most people don’t pay attention to the stuff you and I do. It’s a shame and I wish you were right, but it’s truly sad how much faith people put in government. The intellectual laziness is maddening. I bring up stuff like civil asset forfeiture in casual conversation and most people have no clue at all. (That’s part of my strategy to educate people about liberty.) Some don’t believe me to the point of thinking I’m a conspiracy theory nut job. (And I REALLY try to avoid that.)

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