Foreign Policy, Ep. 1: Government Surveillance: We’re Being Watched

Is government surveillance of private citizens ever justified? Abby Hall Blanco from the University of Tampa explains the history of spying by the American government on its own and foreign citizens. How can lessons from the past inform our policies today?

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1 year ago at 6:47 PM

The question is, when will people wake up? America has been going down a slippery slope and I’m not sure there’s a way to turn it around.

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1 year ago at 4:38 PM

I really like your point of how it shouldn’t be surprising to have government surveillance with the type of interventionist foreign policy we implemented and are implementing. That is a keeper for me.

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1 year ago at 11:26 PM

Please fix video. Again, it is not working on Thanks!

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11 months ago at 10:30 PM

Matt Wavle, a great video about the invasion of citizens’ privacy.

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1 year ago at 4:11 PM

<aside class=”bbp-reply-to-quote”><div class=”bbp-reply-to-attribution”>Sealskie said:</div><div class=”bbp-reply-to-body”><p>The question is, when will people wake up? America has been going down a slippery slope and I’m not sure there’s a way to turn it around.</p>
I agree with you the united states had been going down a slippy slope for some time now. I believe it is intended by those in power in the late 80’s early 90’s the American government destroyed the education system in America they felt it was better to build smarter bombs than smarter people. The actions of the government more recently shows a circle of inaction (calm) followed by action (violence, false flag, terror) leading to an offer of a solution (loss of freedoms for security) leading back to inaction (calm) to begin a new.
I do not think that there is a way “to turn it around” at this point the constitution is all but gutted America is in name only it would take an uprising who’s time has passed to save the America we or I knew as a child…there are those of us that see what is going on what is being done but we are a minority. Many of us want out, but are unable to grain such freedom for one reason or another. We see that the destruction of the education system made citizens sheeple and with acts of violence the government is able to get those under educated people to surrender freedoms for security that will never come making them peasants.
If there is a revolution to be here it will come from the military otherwise it is only a matter of time before the egos of those in power the insanity of the elite that run the country sends the country into a war with someone like China and Russia over their refusal to use the dollar as the petrol dollar which the US has to defend because that is the only thing keeping the dollar a float with the recent combined efforts of Russia and China in energy and their desire to use the yuan as the new petrol dollar it would mean the collapse of the US economy some say to point of total collapse.

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1 year ago at 11:34 AM

Ditto Aircoryell1980

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