Do American Muslims Believe In Religious Freedom?

Contrary to some political rhetoric you may have heard, American Muslims believe in religious freedom. In fact, American Muslims are even more strongly opposed to religion impacting govt than American Christians. Policy Analyst David Bier explains:

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11 months ago at 2:22 PM

The bigger question is, are Muslim Americans accepting of religious freedom because they benefit from it? Or, at least that their benefit is much more direct and apparent. The video point out that members of United States dominant religion Christianity are more willing to have their religious views used as a base of law. What would be the results if the roles were reversed?
American Muslims are more liberal and socially tolerant than those in other nations. Reversing this, one can conclude that those in nations where they are a larger percent of the population are less religiously tolerant and more willing to believe that Sharia law should be imposed on others.
I would be interested to see how their views compare with those of other religious minorities. What are the results for Jewish or Hindu immigrants? Is there a similar 55% that do not want their religion influencing policy in any way? Will someone who is part of a minority group not always be more accepting having the freedom to publicly be themselves?

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