Dan Carlin — We’re All Liberals (and Radicals)

Self-described radical Dan Carlin tells Dave Rubin why political labels suck. We’re all liberals, and we’re all mixed up. Watch the full interview 

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6 months ago at 8:16 PM

I think its great seeing these two having discussion together.

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6 months ago at 5:32 PM

Brillant! I am exhausted by all the labels that individuals like throw at each other in discussions across the various forms of media. On social media, many use labels as their counterpoint to arguments that they disagree with. As if calling someone (fill in the blank) is all that is needed to prove their position correct over another. The problem with labeling is with what Dan Carlin identifies, definitions. What is a liberal or a conservative? Add classic to the label and the definition changes. But within every labeled group, there can be individuals that do not quite meet the granulized term and a new label is needed to define them. All this labeling only takes away from the actual discussion regarding the issues being discussed.

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