I Can’t Breathe: How to Reduce Police Brutality

Should we have laws we aren’t willing to kill for?

Following tragic deaths at the hands of police, like that of Eric Garner, many are outraged over racism and unaccountability in law enforcement. But George Mason Law Professor Ilya Somin takes issue with the laws themselves, and asks whether all laws are really worth killing for. Police run the risk of injuring or killing Americans every time they arrest someone–and each year, hundreds of thousands are arrested for nonviolent crimes. The more racist and unaccountable you believe the police are, Somin argues, the more you should want to limit the number of situations where they can inflict that abusive and racist behavior on civilians.

Can we justify killing people for nonviolent crimes? Can we justify the death of Eric Garner and countless others?


  1. Matt Wavle

    But shouldn’t the initial arrest never have even happened to begin with?

    Is arming violent IRS agents a good idea?  Is having the police enforce tax collection a good idea?  Taxation is theft, so when Eric Garner and his customers are trying to avoid being robbed, via the theft of taxes, who is the real primary aggressor?
  2. Matt Wavle

    Remove Qualified Immunity and prosecute violent thugs who hid behind their badge and a gun.

    Impeach any and all politicians who support violent measures to collect taxes.  If the value of what they provide is considered so much less than the value of what they take, then they should suffer the protest of those who refuse to pay.  Taxes, at least in theory, are called Voluntary Contributions.
  3. Andremaia

    Its sad that police brutality is becoming the norm, I’m not sure if it has always existed to this level, or if because of technology it become more apparent.

  4. JGeorge345

    It’s weird trying to establish some concrete sense of right and wrong when the people making and enforcing the rules break the very rules they set for themselves. 

  5. Greg Gauthier

    You want to reduce police brutality? Reduce the number of police. You want to eliminate police brutality? Eliminate the state.

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