2016 Presidential Election: Student Debt

Forgiving student debt and increasing education subsidies are popular ideas on the campaign trail this year.

But what would happen if the United States actually forgave student debt?

Would the loans just vanish into thin air?

Would tuition prices start falling at last?

Would universities stop spending so much on bureaucrats and climbing walls?

Watch and tell us what you think.

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11 months ago at 4:55 PM

There seems to be little understanding among policymakers that not all education is equally valuable. Government subsidy does not even work like a “nudge” but it is rather a program to fund harmful education for our youth.

In case we can not get government to get out of higher education may be just give more tax credits to students that is directly proportional to the tax they pay ?

For example a person who manages to earn $100K an year gets a flat 10% back for 10 years as education credits. Clearly if he is earning $100K he has got some skill that is worth that much and it is good for society if we have more people like that. Let banks get into loan programs that pretty much allows banks to directly eat up those credits as loan installments. Good degrees will get high loan amounts eventually.

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1 year ago at 2:41 PM

I think that a volunteer exchange is a really interesting idea. It’s an interesting option, but could be problematic for people who have limited time (ex. a medical school graduate doing their residency). What other options do you think would work? What are your thoughts on student loan forgiveness?

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1 year ago at 9:05 PM

All the above are GREAT ideas…for the students ENTERING the college arena. However, what about all the students who got sold the proverbial “bill of BAD goods” by lying, sycophants hell bent on generational enslavement? Today we ALL know a college degree is B***s*** wrapped in gold leaf. So how about an exchange instead of forgiveness? What if indebted students did volunteer service in exchange for a portion of their debt at say, a fixed rate of $5 an hour?

Oh, yeah, and no more fracking government loans…the government should be banned from offering ANY loans to anyone for anything. Who ever thought bureaucrats make good loan officers anyway?

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