2016 Presidential Election: Criminal Justice Reform

Trump, Clinton, and Bernie all agree — America’s criminal justice system is broken.

Mandatory minimum sentences and harsh drug laws are driving a massive increase in the prison populations.

Since the 1980s, the number of federal prisoners has jumped 850%, and the chance of being sent to prison for a drug crime rose by 350%. And these effects fall disproportionately on poor and minority communities.

All the 2016 candidates have had something to say about this slow-motion disaster, and Prof. Don Boudreaux helps you make sense of the big issues behind the talking points.

What do you think: Can we solve the problem by decriminalizing drugs like marijuana? Or do we need a bigger police presence and stronger tough-on-crime sentencing laws?

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1 year ago at 7:12 PM

Well first the prisons are now considered by many to be nothing but slave labor camps for corporate America many foreign journalist and governments see the American prison system as nothing but a modern form of slavery.
I think there needs to be a lot of changes like stop treating illness like alcoholism as crime you would not go around arresting people with cancer for driving under the influence of cancer so why is arresting someone for alcoholism it is a illness that needs to treated denying them a driving license is fine but to convict them of a crime for being sick is not OK?
Also things like witness testimony needs to done away with there are 100’s perhaps 1000’s of studies that say the human mind is one of the worse storage devices for memories that the one time that the memory is the most accurate is the first time you remember it because after that each time you remember something you are remembering the last time you remembered it and the blanks in the memory are filled in by the brain each time changing the memory over time.
In science a witness’s testimony to a sighting say bigfoot or a ufo is often dismissed because of the total lack of accuracy! The human brain is so inaccurate the idea that testimony from a witness to a crime that happened a year or more ago when a case comes to trial is criminal with what is known of how the human brain works today.
Fingerprints should be thrown out it is not like on TV there is no computer that matches them with some on file it is just a tech in some office looking at them and deciding if they are a match!? Hair and bite marks the same. The idea that everyone has different fingerprints has never been proven it was just a theory put forth by Sir francis Golten in 1882 it was a postulation not a fact. If you want to see evidence look into the case of Brandon Mayfield he was arrested for the Madrid train bombings after his fingerprints where found on bomb fragments. Mr Mayfield was an attorney in Oregon who never had a passport, had never been out of the country dispite this the FBI held him in jail for weeks??!!
These are just some of the things I know and I am just a nobody

The fact is in this age the only evidence that should be admissible is video and DNA!

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