Video Pitches

Learn Liberty is seeking new and innovative video content for our growing YouTube channel.

We are seeking pitches for videos that span the spectrum from short documentaries, to live-action comedy skits or talk-shows, to our more standard style of motion graphics/animation, and talking-head videos.

It could be about the power of individuals working together to create a better world, about the ill effects of government intervention in people’s lives, or something more personal that challenges people to re-think how they view their own existence and relationship to other humans.

Below are 7 broad topic areas we are especially interested in hearing pitches on right now, with examples of potential ideas to focus on under each. This topics list is NOT exhaustive, so we also welcome pitches that would fall under different topics or sub-topics.

Student loans

  • Government subsidized loans make college more expensive
  • The student loan system is rigged against students
  • Simple drug arrests can cause students to lose their loans
  • The student loan crisis is out of control! Inspiration: Voice of Debt

LGBTQ Issues

  • The history of the LGBTQ movement and how private activism changes culture
  • How the US government or governments around the world infringe upon sexual freedom
  • Police brutality and its dangers for LGBTQ individuals
  • A juxtaposition of stories from LGBTQ individuals from free vs. non-free countries. Inspiration: Golf Alpha Yankee
  • Personal struggles of individuals struggling with LGBTQ issues. Inspiration: Transmormon

Human Rights

  • Exposing violations of human rights in America or around the world
  • Optimistic stories of the expansion of human rights
  • Police militarization and abuses of power in the US
  • Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Milgram experiment, asch conformity experiment, Stanford prison experiment, and other psychology of authority experiments– all that demonstrate the evils humans are capable of, especially when placed in positions of absolute authority or told to obey authority figures.
  • Women’s rights around the world. Example
  • The effects of war on human rights
  • Prisons, private prisons, why our prisons need reform, etc. Racial disparities in prison. Sterilization of women in prisons


  • Open immigration grows the economy and creates more jobs
  • The US immigration system is overly complicated and dysfunctional even for highly skilled or highly educated immigrants
  • Immigration restrictions limit the opportunities for children of immigrants to attend college and better themselves (DREAMers stories)
  • Top myths about immigration (i.e. “Latinos don’t assimilate,” “they steal our jobs,” “they commit more crime,” “they vote socialist,” etc.). Comedic inspiration: Some video clips that might be able to be used

Income Inequality & Poverty

  • Focusing on income inequality takes attention away from the real issue: absolute poverty levels. Inspiration: Hans Rosling
  • The reasons for Income Inequality are to some degree a result of cronyism and the government being used by the rich and the powerful to screw over the poor and vulnerable.
  • Logical conclusion of argument that wealth should be redistributed from top 10% to bottom 90% means that all Americans should be giving away their money to the rest of the world, because most of the world’s poor are outside of this country

Entrepreneurship/Permissionless Innovation/Human ingenuity!

  • 3D Printing and possibilities for helping people through innovation. Example: Prosthetic hand through 3D printing
  • How innovative new companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, couchsurfing, bitcoin, etc. are transforming our economy for the better. Inspiration: TV show Shark tank
  • Encourage people to take initiative rather than rely on government to implement the policy they want (i.e. if you want to make the world more green then become an entrepreneur to make it happen!)


  • Banning unpaid internships could impede young graduates’ careers
  • “Right to work” when it comes to sex work, drug trade, Uber, airbnb, unions, etc.
  • How recent grads can get a job
  • Government regulations like minimum wage, occupational licensing, etc have a negative effect on the job market