Kelly Wright

Kelly Wright

Coordinator, Online Programs
Institute for Humane Studies

Kelly Wright is an Online Programs Coordinator at the Institute for Humane Studies. Kelly joined the Learn Liberty team in May of 2015.

Kelly graduated from Ohio University in 2014 where she studied political science and economics. Kelly was very active on campus as a core member of various student groups including Ohio University Students for Liberty, Ohio University Young Americans for Liberty, and Ohio University Second Amendment Club.

Kelly currently works on the Written Content team where she pitches, writes, and edits posts for Learn Liberty’s blog, also acting as faculty liaison throughout the process. She lives in northern Virginia with her cat.

Blog Posts

Why we’re being watched: Top 6 Learn Liberty resources for understanding the new CIA leaks

Here are the top six Learn Liberty resources for interpreting Wikileaks’ “Vault 7” documents on the CIA.

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Judicial “Activism” vs. Judicial “Engagement”

The Director of the Center for Judicial Engagement at the Institute for Justice, Clark Neily, and an editor at the Library of Law and Liberty, Mark Pulliam, recently debated the…

Why you should encrypt — and 3 tools to get started right now

Whether it’s protecting your banking information from potential hackers or making sure some nefarious government agent doesn’t intercept sensitive data, there are a ton of reasons to use basic encryption technologies for your communications.

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Finally, a libertarian defense of identity politics

Identity politics, usually portrayed as a spectre haunting liberalism, is actually key to understanding uprisings against state power.

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Over-Criminalization Nation — 5 Blood-Boiling Cases of Government Overreach

Every year the number of regulations, dictates, rules, decrees, guidelines, statutes, laws, and bylaws in the United States grows by leaps and bounds.

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Naughty and Nice 2016: Who made the list?

Here at Learn Liberty, we like an optimistic muffin with our bitter coffee, so we took the liberty of compiling a naughty and nice list for the holiday season.

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Animal-loving entrepreneur succeeds despite anti-cat regulators

The petty tyrants that occupy county zoning offices or health departments are exactly why we can’t have nice things.

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Here are 7 lesser-known classical liberal thinkers for your World Philosophy Day

Here are seven criminally underrated philosophers to celebrate this World Philosophy Day.

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Does paying college football coaches corrupt the sport? Then why not pay the athletes themselves?

Learn Liberty veteran Professors Peter Jaworski and Art Carden met up at a Samford University Bulldogs game to wax philosophical about the economics of college sports. In the video below,…

Reasons to be optimistic

Beneath the surface there’s a lot of progress occurring that should make us all feel a little more optimistic about the future.

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Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Is What Makes America Unique

Kaepernick is engaging in a uniquely American way of making his belief’s known. He’s standing up for a cause he believes in, and in doing so he is using his platform and privilege to amplify an important message. For this he should be celebrated and defended, not shouted down and diminished.

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