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Watch our Top 10 videos and our collections about the Occupy movement, The Hunger Games, and free trade, plus our debate with the Story of Broke.

  • environmentalism

    Protecting the Environment

    What are the best ways to conserve the environment, while still encouraging growth and prosperity?

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  • trade-made-of-win

    Trade is Made of Win

    Everybody wins with free trade. It creates wealth, enhances cooperation, and conserves resources.

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    Occupy Movement

    While Occupy Wall Street contrasts the 99% and 1%, Professor Coyne distinguishes between makers and takers or crony capitalists and legitimate capitalists. Coyne also discusses student loan forgiveness.

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    Debate: Story of Broke

    A lot of people say that the US government is broke, and that we don’t have enough money to spend on important issues. Is this true? What’s the best way to bring a better future, subsidies for things we like, or the free market?

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  • hunger-games-wallpaper-640x400-2

    The Hunger Games and Liberty

    The Hunger Games series tackles issues including tyranny, oppression, and poverty. Panem may be fictional, but the themes addressed in the book are real. How are the Hunger Games relevant in the real world?

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  • Freedom

    Schools of Thought in Classical Liberalism

    Classical liberals -or libertarians- say that they believe in liberty. But what do they even mean by that? Doesn’t everyone support liberty? What makes classical liberalism different? In this series, Dr. Nigel Ashford takes a close look at what different schools of classical liberalism actually believe, and what they mean by “liberty.”

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