Learn Liberty

Discuss Learn Liberty topics at these summer seminars and conferences. Many feature Learn Liberty speakers who are available throughout the seminars. Meet other students and recent grads, while you enjoy a five-day vacation with a purpose. Many seminars are free –including lodging and meals! For more events, visit Learn Liberty Opportunities.

Summer Seminars

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    Institute for Humane Studies – Summer Seminars

    Weeklong seminars on liberty filled with lecture, discussions and plenty of frisbee and relaxing. Cover topics in law, history, economics, and other disciplines. Choose from 11 seminars, from intro to advanced, or career-oriented. Free (including housing and meals).

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    Intercollegiate Studies Institute – Educating for Liberty

    Get prepared for a lifetime of principled leadership and make the connections necessary to succeed this summer with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. All on-site expenses are paid. Travel scholarships are available.

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    Foundation for Economic Education – Summer Seminars

    Discuss Austrian economics, history, current events, and more with distinguished faculty and liberty-loving colleagues. Choose from five seminars, each lasting one week. Free (including housing and meals).

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    Mises University Summer Seminar

    An instructional program in Austrian economics that is a training ground for economists looking beyond the mainstream. Includes courses, seminars, and reading groups. July 2014. Student scholarships available. 

  • cato
    Cato University Summer Seminar

    Share ideas on liberty, free markets, philosophy, individual rights, and the dangers of a sprawling and intruding government. Takes place in late July. Student scholarships available.

  • independent
    The Independent Institute – Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminars

    Learn the ethical and economic principles of open markets and free societies. Apply for a scholarship. Seminars take place in June and July.

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    Objectivist Summer Conference

    Summer plans looking bleak? Why not attend this year’s Objectivist Summer Conference—located in fabulous Las Vegas.

    In between hitting the strip, you’ll gain valuable insights on a slew of topics from campus activism to pro-liberty solutions to current policy issues. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with freedom-loving students from across the nation! The conference kicks off with the Young Adult weekend June 28-29 but runs through July 4.

Weekend Seminars

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    Institute for Humane Studies – Weekend Seminars

    Liberty is coming to a campus near you. These weekend seminars quickly cover the key classical liberal points and how they apply to current issues. The seminars run from Friday evening to Saturday evening. Free (including meals).


Webinars are lectures transmitted online and some allow viewers to pose questions.

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    Institute for Humane Studies – Grad School 101

    Each semester IHS holds a series of webinars for individuals interested in grad school and pursuing a career in academia. This series will cover a range of topics including whether grad school is right for you, choosing the right program, and advice on getting in.

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    Mises Academy – Webinar Series

    Mises Academy is a project of the Mises Institute and advances the scholarship and teaching of liberty, libertarian political theory, and the Austrian School of economics using digital media. The Mises Academy hosts webinars consisting of lectures and question and answer sessions.

  • FIRE_Webinar_Series_188x70
    FIRE – Webinar Series

    FIRE hosts a series of webinars, designed to inform students, FIRE supporters, and other interested parties about issues surrounding free speech, due process, and individual rights on America’s campuses. 

  • SFL-Webinars-logo_188x70
    Students For Liberty – Webinar Series

    The SFL Webinar Series offers academic lectures on liberty, activism mentoring, and career advice. A live question and answer session follows each lecture.

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    The Graduate Student Guide To Success

    GRAD STUDENTS: These sessions cover the essentials for success like better time management, effective networking, selecting the right mentor, the ins and outs of publishing, teaching your first course and more.


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    Welcome to the Job Market

    FUTURE PROFESSORS: Finishing your degree is only part landing your dream job. This series covers all aspects of career planning from publications to interviews to the many opportunities open to PhD. Get an overview of the academic life and what to expect, learn effective networking skills, prepare to teach your first class, and even consider options for using your degree.


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    The Path To Publishing Success

    Choosing a topic, outlining your agenda, and generating publications that are relevant and influential are among the many points of discussion in this highly focused series.