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Full Debate: Is Immigration a Human Right?

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    Bryan Caplan and Christopher Wellman debate immigration. Is there a human right to immigrate to any country in the world?

    Debate sponsored by IHS, the John Templeton Foundation, and University of San Diego’s Center for Ethics, Economics, and Public Policy.

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    My interests peaked when the debate made me question if government, elected by the people, should decide immigration policy. I have always thought yes, but as a believer in and advocate of individual freedom, oh my! Is immigration a human right if states have a right to decide their immigration policies? If governments do not decide, then who does? If an elected government cannot make the best decisions for immigration policies, then what happens next? As a lifelong and naturalized, American citizen, I am concerned about our government having too much control over immigration policy. Why? I worry that individual rights can be lost in the process. Also, since the current citizens elect our government, which is our process and a great one in my opinion, a motivation to preserve the ethnic and religious majorities might overshadow the moral and fiscal components of what is best for all people. I truly believe, it is easy to forget where and what you came from and how and why you got where you are. Good job guys!

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