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Free Speech, Even for Richard Spencer

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    Cheers to a very open discussion about a sensitive subject matter! It is challenging and exciting to watch but is a fascinating presentation of a truth about freedom. It makes me want to join in on the discussion.

    The film Birth of a Nation was free speech that many scientists believe was a participating catalyst in the wave of violence that African Americans began to experience in the early 1900s. I would like to take the discussion further and ask if freedom of speech plays a role in occurrences such as the Holocaust in Europe and the murders and lynchings of African Americans in the US, and if so, how much? As a racial minority, I fear such violence and the discrimination that can both pre and proceed such occurrences. However, I am also a firm believer in democracy, so I ask, how did the history of democracy protect the victims, and was it supposed to protect them?

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    Most of us agree that hollering fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire is not a correct exercise of the freedom of speech. Is making a provocative speech in a location that might (or is certain tp) subject the speaker or listeners to unpreventable danger protected? Is the fire department limiting the number of people allowed into a crowded bar an illegal limitation of the freedom of assembly? When is public safety a consideration? Would the Judge at Charlottesville make the same ruling if he could have predicted the tragedy? Why or why not?

    Is freedom of speech in Denmark more like the freedom of speech in the United States or like that in France?

    If we see that the “market place” of ideas has been replaced by “propaganda bots” and mass hysteria when is it responsible to look for somewhere else to live? When talk results in violent (and counter violent) action what is to be done? When is violence (or counter violence) justified? I would like to say never; however, Pinochet would say violence and the “Chicago boys” saved Chile and Lincoln would say violence saved the United States.

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