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Any New Programs?

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    Just wondering if you guys were going to do any new programs. I love them for a couple of reasons: 1) The information is AMAZING (Oprah’s “amazing”). 2) Reward Store points!

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    Hi Aircoryell1980,

    We have a follow-up to our “Common Sense Economics” program in the works. Release is currently TBD. (Sorry I don’t have any more information to share at this point.)

    Let me also mention that we always love to see fan suggestions for new On Demand programs. If you see an area where we’ve produced a lot of videos but have yet to offer a structured program–or just an idea for new courses you’d like to see, lay them on us!

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    I super agree – new and up-to-date courses would be great! I am new to the site – and think it is invaluable! But – – – I do also think that it SHOULD and COULD be having a greater impact. I don’t know of other sites/resources that have this type of functionality.

    I would also love to see this site take more of a front seat in not only propagating the knowledge of liberty – but also in implementing them. How do these principles work in local government? How do candidates fall on a “Liberty Scale”? Should we oppose parking meters at beach accesses – or is this perfectly okay?

    Just ideas.

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