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  1. Social Cooperation: Why Thieves Hate Free Markets

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    In this video Professor Aeon Skoble explains how market competition and spontaneous order result in the emergence of a civil order that discourages stealing and other harmful behaviors. This concept is often overlooked or ignored or just plainly misunderstood by critics of free markets. Can you think of other areas where competitive markets results in superior outcomes than the alternative?

  2. Quote of the Day: Mill’s Harm Principle

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    In this bite sized quote, J.S. Mill perfectly encapsulates his Harm Principle put forth in his political treatise, “On Liberty.” The state, acting as an institution with the legal monopoly on the use of coercion, should only use force to prevent harm done to others. What would the world look like today if the government heeded Mill’s arguments?

  3. Featured On Demand Program of the Week: The War on Drugs Part 2

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    Can you believe that drugs in the US were initially banned partly because of fears of miscegenation (interracial relationships)? But that’s not the only reason. Other reasons included alarmist films like Reefer Madness (see program image!), fear of conspiracies, and the notion that government has a right to determine the productivity of its citizens. If these are the arguments on which the drug war was founded, can we be sure it’s a war worth fighting?

    The War on Drugs has created a laundry list of perverse incentives for both sellers and buyers, leading to unintended and even dangerous consequences. This program attempts to analyze the history and net effects of drug prohibition. Press play, and GET SMART!

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  4. Libertarian Movies You Don’t Want to Miss This Fall

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    Check out the whole post at Rare.

    Looking for a list of fall movies that are actually worth your time? Look no further. These four flicks—two true stories, one historical fiction, and one a Bill Murray comedy—are the cream of fall 2015’s crop, each offering a unique liberty-friendly message.

    First up is Suffragette, giving the women’s suffrage movement its due in an epic plea for equal rights. Next, Rock the Kasbah takes a humorous look at modern Afghanistan and its American occupiers. Third, Spotlight illustrates the vital importance of a free and fearless press. And last but certainly not least, Trumbo champions freedom of conscience no matter the consequences.

  5. Save the Date: International Students For Liberty Conference 2016

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    Every year, thousands of student leaders from around the world descend on Washington, D.C. to discuss and debate strategies for creating a freer future. This year ISFLC2016 is the weekend of February 26th. Mark your calendars!

    This is a great opportunity for students passionate about the ideas of liberty. Whether you’re a student looking to grow your impact on campus, a graduate student looking for funding, or a recent grad looking for job opportunities in the liberty movement, the conference is the perfect place to meet fellow students, get advice from established professionals, and even meet potential employers.

    Plus, a bunch of us at Learn Liberty and our parent organization, the Institute for Humane Studies, also attend the conference. If you’re planning to attend, be sure to come by our table to say hello (and get some free swag)!

    Click here to register or learn more!

  6. Equality and Respect: How You Are Equal to Hugh Jackman

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    Being equal in the eyes of the law is something most if not all can agree on, but do you think governments should strive to assure at least a minimum level of equality in certain aspects of life? For example, everyone should have free drinking water, basic health care or some other necessity? Professor Aeon Skoble tackles these issues in this Learn Liberty video. Let us know what you think in the comments.

  7. Trivia: What’s in a name?

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    Did you know Frederick Douglass took his name from the hero of Sir Walter Scott’s epic poem, The Lady of the Lake, the leader of the Scottish clan Douglas? Born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, Frederick changed his last name to Johnson to avoid being discovered and returned to slavery, then later changed his last name once again to Douglass, adding an extra ‘s’ to the end of the name from the poem.

  8. Trans Freedom

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    With Caitlyn Jenner dominating headlines and actress Laverne Cox’s pivotal rise, now is the perfect time to address gender freedom and its role in a free society. With that in mind, Learn Liberty is introducing a new three-part video series called Trans Talks, which explores transgender rights and features University of Illinois professor and transgender advocate Deirdre McClosky.

    In the first video of the series below, McCloskey argues that both transgender individuals and those associated with them are made more human by the transitioning experience. So is the viewer of this series. Check out the first video in the series below.

  9. IHS events are coming to a campus near you.

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    Our parent organization, the Institute for Humane Studies, brings the ideas of liberty to students in more ways than just online education like on Learn Liberty. They also provide funding, career advice, and more to help educate students about the principles of a free society. And now, IHS is coming to your neighborhood with On-Campus events!

    IHS On-Campus events bring students together with respected scholars to examine the problems facing society from a classical liberal perspective through lively debates, panels, and weekend seminars. You can connect with other passionate students and top scholars advancing the ideas of liberty and freedom today by attending an event near you.

    On-Campus events are free to attend, although some events do require advance registration.

    More information

    You can find this and other events, employment, and academic opportunities on the Learn Liberty Opportunities Hub.

  10. What Caused the Economic Boom of Wealth?

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    In this video Professor Deirdre McCloskey explains how property rights and economic freedom has resulted in a dramatic explosion in overall wealth. Why then do you think free markets and capitalist are derided so much in society? Let us know what you think in the comments!

  11. Featured On Demand Program of the Week: The Immigration Debate

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    With presidential contenders like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders making a fuss about foreign laborers coming to the country and depressing wages or murdering our women and children immigration reform has once again moved to the front lines of presidential politics. Have you ever wanted to cut through the demagoguery and fear-mongering and get plain economic analyses of the immigration debate? Well now is your chance. This week the Learn Liberty Blog is featuring our On Demand program, “The Immigration Debate.”

    Take this On Demand program to get smart about the current immigration debate in America. The button is hot on this issue, so get your info while the fire’s still cooking!

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  12. Quote of the Day

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    (POSTED) Tocqueville-3
    Alexis de Tocqueville on the paradox of freedom. Freedom comes with risk but the risk is well worth the reward of owning yourself. What do you think about this quote? Tell us how you feel in the comments.