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  • Discussion Question: Vaccines

    A 1998 study by Andrew Wakefield claimed that vaccines to common viruses, such as the measles, were linked to causing autism. Based on this (widely discredited) study, many parents have not let their children receive vaccinations. Should parents have the right to do this? Should parents have the right to [...]
  • Star Wars Proves the Road to Dictatorship is Democratic

    The newest Star Wars movie is smashing box office records. But it’s not just a science-fiction tale of lightsabers and Sith lords. “The Force Awakens” continues the story of a democratic republic that succumbs to ruthless dictatorship when its citizens give up their civil liberties. Promising security, Emperor Palpatine didn’t [...]
  • Did you know Hollywood blockbusters are often subsidized by government?

    States compete with each other to attract film studios with subsidies that make the cost of filming cheaper. While politicians sell these subsidies as good for economic development, they often cost taxpayers quite a bit of money. This is one of the reasons that many shows and movies which take place [...]
  • New Hampshire Legislators Join the Free Speech Movement

    While students are enjoying their break from classes, New Hampshire legislators are standing up for their free speech rights on campus. A pair of state representatives recently introduced two bills to protect academic freedom at New Hampshire’s public colleges and universities. They’re not alone: Learn Liberty has launched a new [...]
  • Summer Internship: Support Free Speech on Campus with FIRE

    The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education seeks summer interns to aid them in their work defending free speech and individual rights on college campuses across the country. The paid internship is located in FIRE’s Philadelphia, PA headquarters and runs from early June to late July. For more information and to [...]
  • Don Boudreaux: Middle Class Rising

    The following post appeared on Don Boudreaux’s blog, Cafe Hayek, on December 20th, 2015. There’s been a lot of reporting recently about a new Pew Research Center report misleadingly titled “The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground” and even more misleadingly subtitled “No longer the majority and falling behind financially.” But here’s a [...]
  • The Death Star: Building It, Not Destroying It, Was the Catastrophe

    You might have come across this recent article which argues that destroying the Death Star in Star Wars would have economically crippled the galaxy. There are a number of problems with the article, as Janet Neilson at the Foundation for Economic Education points out. The three major causes for concern are: Mistaking [...]
  • Quote of the Day: Hayek on Money

    F.A. Hayek was highly critical of central banking and of government’s proclaimed interest in holding a monopoly on the issuance of money. Hayek eventually turned his opinions on money and free banking into an economic treatise in the book “The Denationalization of Money“. Some even say Hayek predicted the emergence [...]
  • Will Taxing the Rich Fix the Deficit?

    Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have never met a tax they didn’t like. They argue that it will balance the budget and act as though it was a silver bullet to the U.S. government’s fiscal woes. But will taxing the rich really fix the budget deficit? Professor Antony Davies tackles [...]
  • Learn Liberty Staff Profile: Eric Andreasen

    Learn Liberty: First, when did you join the Learn Liberty team and what is your role? Eric Andreasen: I joined the Learn Liberty team as a marketing intern in 2013. In addition to my duties as Marketing Coordinator, I manage the organization’s social media accounts. LL: How did you find your way [...]
  • Wait: Why Would a Liquor Store Want to be Forced to Close on Sundays?

    Alcohol laws are some of the most headache-inducing rules on the planet. Recently, ran an article about Sunday alcohol sales in Alabama with notes about how you can buy alcohol in some places on Sundays, but only (say) for on-premises consumption. Or only if you’re a restaurant or a [...]
  • Featured On Demand Program of the Week: Vice City

    In this new On Demand series professors Peter Jaworski, Aeon Skoble and Daniel D’Amico will take you on a journey into the world of government regulation of all things vices. You’ll explore how government deregulation of craft beers has helped reshape the entire industry and how alcohol laws in Virginia [...]