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  • Microaggressions and Professor Speech on Campus

    The fall semester at many universities is coming to an end. That means course evaluations – one of the few opportunities students have to provide feedback on their professors. Constructive criticism is often taken into account in decisions about promotions and tenure. But now there is a movement to expand [...]
  • Minimum Wage and Employment: Debunking the Oft-Cited 1994 Study

    Preston Cooper over at Economics 21 has written an excellent piece about minimum wage’s effects on employment. Economics teaches us that when you raise the price of a good, the amount of that good which is demanded goes down. This is true whether the thing for sale is ketchup or labor. Supporters [...]
  • Blurred Lines: Police and Military

    Dozens of innocent people are terrorized, shot, or killed each year because of botched SWAT team drug raids on wrong houses. Dozens more are killed each year because of botched SWAT team drug raids on the correct houses. This needless suffering and death is largely a result of the massive [...]
  • Trivia: Did you know this about Rose Wilder Lane?

    Did you know? Rose Wilder Lane, daughter of Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder, was sympathetic to communism until a Red Cross mission to Russia, that would later influence her to become a libertarian? This article from the Foundation for Economic Education explains her disillusionment with communism: “Lane visited [...]
  • Check Out Learn Liberty This Week On Periscope

    If you haven’t checked us out on Periscope make sure to stay tuned this week, to discuss our new video releases and help us choose our next video! This week Learn Liberty will be streaming live on Periscope on: Wednesday, December 16th @ 2pm EST – Learn Liberty Video Pitch Meeting (Help [...]
  • Get paid for your internship this summer.

    Want to intern at an organization that’s working to advance the principles of freedom this summer? Want to get paid to do it? Consider applying to the Koch Internship Program. Not only will the program pay for your internship at a liberty-advancing organization, you’ll learn valuable skills for your professional development through [...]
  • The Hunger Games as a Political Allegory

    Over at the Foundation for Economic Education, Jeffrey Tucker has broken down the political allegories of the Hunger Games. With the long-awaited finale of the Hunger Games series just recently released, it’s a great time to consider the political implications of the story, especially considering the series’ popularity with young [...]
  • Staff Profile: Daniel Contreras

    Learn Liberty: First, when did you join the Learn Liberty team and what is your role? Daniel Contreras: I came on board in June 2014, I am an Online Education Assistant working on the programs team. LL: How did you find your way to the philosophy of liberty? Are there any thinkers [...]
  • Great Myths on the Great Depression

    You most likely grew up thinking FDR’s New Deal played a pivotal role in ending the Great Depression, however as professor Stephen Davies points out in this video, there are many myths surrounding the Great Depression were the numbers don’t add up: Top 3 myths about the great depression? Are [...]
  • Quote of the Day

    This quote was taken from Ludwig von Mises’s work Planning for Freedom: Let the Market System Work, which is a collection of essays and addresses on inflation and government intervention in the economy. In this work, as in others, von Mises maintains that government interventions in monetary and commercial affairs are [...]
  • Discrimination, Freedom of Association, and “True Capitalism”

    In order to label a country “capitalist” there must be complete freedom of association and private property. There is a limited government in place, but the government would be a referee, not a player. It would be outrageous to watch ESPN and hear, “The ref had a great game! He [...]
  • Featured On Demand Program of the Week: Personal Finance

    Have you ever wondered how to save for retirement and avoid debt? Well, this is the place for you. If you’re drowning in debt (and who isn’t, right?), unfortunately doing bank heists and selling crystal meth are out as solutions. So how do you get out? Join economist Art Carden of Samford [...]