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  • Why You Can’t Just “Reject” Capitalism

    The Washington Post recently blared the headline: “Majority of Millennials Now Reject Capitalism, Poll Shows.” I suspect, perhaps unfairly, that this is a matter of some pleasure for the Post’s editorial board. But if you actually read the article, a different picture emerges. In fact, 42 percent of the millennials polled say [...]
  • Government Launched the First Rocket, but Private Companies Made It Affordable

    Fans of increased government intervention in the economy often like to justify their position by pointing to the success of the moon landing. “If we can put a man on the moon,” the refrain goes, “we can surely rebuild our crumbling infrastructure (or provide everyone with healthcare, etc.).” There’s no question [...]
  • Everyone Is Ignoring How Free Trade Really Impacts Income Inequality

    As the election season heats up, candidates from both sides of the political spectrum seem to agree on one thing: Free trade hurts Americans. There is also a fierce debate about whether—or to what degree—free trade increases income inequality in the country. As commentators continue to disparage free trade (often on [...]
  • When I Look at My Donald Trump Tie Made in China, I Think About This Huge Economic Fallacy

    The presidential campaign has brought up several economic issues, and international trade has been front and center of the debate. So, as I look at my Donald Trump tie that was made in China and my Donald Trump shirts that were made in Bangladesh and Indonesia, I want to clarify [...]
  • Legal and Cultural Approaches to Pluralism and Diversity

    The term “pluralism” connotes both a description of our deep differences and a political response to those differences. Let’s start with pluralism as a description of our cultural reality. Our society is incredibly diverse when it comes to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, and sexuality. We have different life experiences, we [...]
  • “Dislike” Facebook’s Suppression of Free Speech

    This week’s allegations that Facebook has systemically suppressed conservative speech on its news feed has rankled many users who believed they were being showed an unbiased list of “trending stories.” For some background, a report by trusted technology news source Gizmodo quoted several former Facebook employees whose job was to curate content and [...]
  • The Danger of Safe Spaces

    In a recent commencement address at the University of Michigan, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg was booed after criticizing campus safe spaces. As Yahoo News reported: The whole purpose of college is to learn how to deal with difficult situations — not run away from them,” Bloomberg told the school’s [...]
  • There’s One Perennial Complaint About Democracy. Here’s How to Solve It.

    A perennial complaint about democracy in America is that too large a portion of the electorate is poorly informed about important political issues. This is the problem of the ignorant voter. This problem was exacerbated in the current presidential election cycle by the large number of candidates vying for the Republican [...]
  • Should I Go to Grad School?

    Should I go to grad school? I’ve benefited enormously from great advice from friends and mentors like Pete Boettke, Tyler Cowen, Deirdre McCloskey, Mike Munger, John Nye, and many others (here, for example, is the indispensable IHS publication Scaling the Ivory Tower, to which I still refer periodically). If I [...]
  • Learn More this Summer with Summer Seminars

    If you’re a fan of Learn Liberty, you’re already used to asking tough questions about the world we live in and pondering the foundations of free markets and free societies. But did you know you could learn even more over the summer, straight from some of the same professors from [...]
  • How Capitalism Made Modern Motherhood

    Note: This piece is dedicated to my mom, as I celebrate my first Mother’s Day without her. With Mother’s Day upon us, it’s worth taking a moment to consider the vision of motherhood that we normally celebrate on this day. The holiday’s origins, interestingly enough, come from celebrations of the role of [...]
  • Child Labor is Terrible, But the Alternative is Worse

    Does the “Made in Bangladesh” tag on your shirt—which could just as easily be read as “Made by Child Labor”—make you feel bad? There’s no question it should make us reflect on the incredible standard of living that we enjoy. But as Texas Tech Professor Benjamin Powell explains, we shouldn’t feel [...]