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Learn Liberty Academy provides free, online educational programs to help you learn about the most critical questions facing our society. Our programs are designed to help concerned citizens become empowered citizens.

We offer free, interactive programs taught by professors from accredited universities.

What Will I Learn?

The ins and outs of important contemporary issues and problems that our world faces, and solutions for a better future while developing a clear understanding of fundamental economic principles.

How Does it Work?

Every week, you will participate in a live professor-led webcast. They will be available to answer your questions in real time. These discussions will be supplemented with videos, discussion forums, and engaging short assignments.

Why Participate?

You will receive exclusive educational offers and career listings, mentoring, letters of recommendation, professor-signed certificates, and more. You can also signal to future employers that you are a self-starter who values learning.

Upcoming Programs

  • From Rags to Riches : The Cayman Islands Revolution

    Start Date: May 05, 2014 Presenter: Andrew Morriss

    The Cayman Islands are more than warm breezes and palm trees, more than a tax shelter for million-dollar corporations. They’re a development success story for the ages. This little island nation transformed itself out of a mosquito-infested and obscure British commonwealth into an innovative financial powerhouse that’s the envy of the world. The Cayman approach to things spread its prosperity north, even Americans have benefited from ...

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  • The Cruel Injustice of Mandatory Minimums : Overcrowded Prisons and Broken Families

    Start Date: May 19, 2014 Presenter: Alex Kreit

    Can you believe this?: A 23-year old single mother of three is sentenced to life because her boyfriend stored his cocaine at her house. A 23-year old college student, never having actually sold drugs, was sentenced to die in prison for helping his friends package drugs to be sold A 24-year old grateful dead fan sent LSD to someone who he thought was a friend, and got life ...

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  • The Haves and the Have Nots : Inequality, Poverty Traps and Finding a Way Out

    Start Date: July 07, 2014 Presenter: Sean Mulholland

    We’ve all heard that the rich are getting richer while the poor get poorer, but is it actually true? Do government policies meant to help the poor actually create more poverty? Dive into these questions with professor Sean Mulholland, as he analyzes the data on income and wealth mobility in America. He will address questions such as, ‘are the families who were in the top 1% ...

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Past Programs

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January 20, 2014

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