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Liberty Academy

Is Liberty Academy free? 

There is no fee of any kind. However, to acknowledge that providing any normal good imposes costs on somebody, economists would call your Liberty Academy experience “zero-price”.

Do I need to register before accessing Liberty Academy?

Yes, you need to create an account. We ask for your name and email address.

What is the purpose of Liberty Academy?

Liberty Academy provides a structured learning environment using content already available on LearnLiberty.org.  We currently have learning paths available in economics and philosophy, with plans to create more.

Do I have to answer all the questions correctly? 

You do not need to answer all questions correctly, though you must answer all questions. The questions facilitate your understanding of the ideas. Your score doesn’t matter; what’s important is that you’re learning.

Do I need to read the related resources to answer the self assessment questions?

The related resources will help you answer the questions, but are not required.

Liberty Academy isn’t tracking my progress.  What should I do? 

Progress tracking may not work on the Microsoft Vista operating system.  If you are using another operating system, please contact us.

A checkmark did not appear after watching a video. Why?

You must watch the entire video in order for the yellow checkmark to appear.

When will you release new learning paths? 

We have not established release dates for future learning paths—more are definitely coming! Sign up for email notifications and we will keep you informed.

Where can I access my responses to questions?

There are two ways. Once signed in, either go to the learning path page and click on the yellow checkmarks beside the “questions” links or go to your profile and click the “My Results” tab.


I have suggestions.  How can I share them?

We appreciate any feedback you have! Use our feedback form to send comments and suggestions to our staff.

I’m a teacher trying to use LearnLiberty in my classroom.  How do I start using this with my students?

There are several ways to use LearnLiberty in your teaching:

  • Play short videos during class.
  • Assign videos or learning paths as homework.

How can I support Learn Liberty?

Liberty Academy is a project of the Institute for Humane Studies. To support this project, and learn more about the Institute for Humane Studies, visit our support website.

How can I get updates about new LearnLiberty videos?

Why are classical liberal ideas important? 

At LearnLiberty, we believe that classical liberal ideas offer a compelling way to think about the relationship between individuals, civil society, and government. In addition, these ideas suggest potential solutions for contemporary problems. Classical liberalism is a diverse set of ideas, and LearnLiberty strives to present this diversity and stimulate thinking and discussion on these ideas.